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Due to low numbers we have cancelled the session scheduled for Thursday 28th January – we’ll update you with further news soon! ________________________________________________

Hello and welcome to Vocal Social, a great way to meet new and interesting people with a common interest.

“VocSoc” is the new networking group for LGBT professionals, their colleagues and friends. We are planning our events to be popular with professionals in any industry. Work in banking, invest your time in joining us, run a hairdressers, cut along to see us!, work in a school, come educate yourself around similar people. (see what we did there!).

We only like nice people, from all walks of life, and our remit is to give you a great opportunity to meet, chat and connect to similar people. We know you want to chat, you don’t want to be dribbled over, and don’t want a sales pitch, so we actively avoid all of those!

Our events have the right mix of people, drinks, music, and venue and, to create conversation and help us understand better what is going on around us, interesting and inspiring speakers sharing their perspective on topics that matter to you.

Brighton & Hove’s newest, professional networking group for the lesbian and gay community. In October we’ll be hosting our third event.


vocsocchampOur first event at the Hotel du Vin in May 2015, was a massive success. Nearly 50 like minded people gathered to have the Vocal Social Experience.  After bubbles and chats, Ruth Chapman from the the Brighton i360 updated us us on the very latest from the building of the observation tower and their plans for the future.  Then more music and conversation.  Introductions occurred, business cards were exchanged and, some new connections mate.

And it continued our second event was just as successful following the same format we had a great talk about ‘Understanding Misunderstandings’ which kept the audience entertained during the event.

We experimented a little with timings after that and took a little break too.

Now there have been three brilliant nights so far, and there are more on the way. Keep with us for the newest, freshest and most fun networking event in Brighton.

Vocal Social.  Meet. Chat. Connect!

Check here for further information.

The VocSoc Team




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