Meet The Team

The founding team bringing you Vocal Social consists of:

Mitch Brummitt


A hospitality expert with a passion for providing people with enjoyable venues, great experiences and superb nights out, Mitch is well versed in businesses requiring a people focus in parallel with the need to make their targets.

With significant experience in running clubs, pubs, restaurant and bars, as well as event management, Mitch has a wide range of knowledge and a proven set of skills meaning he is often in demand.

Starting his own club at the age of 18, Mitch has been more widely involved in business turnarounds and has managed some of the major boutique venues in Brighton.

‘Vocal Social fills a need’, says Mitch. He continues ‘Having been in Brighton for a few years now, I’ve seen how well the City caters for nights out with its clubs and bars. However outside of that and pure business networking, ways of meeting people are limited. We wanted to create a platform for people to meet in a fun environment, whether it be business or social networking. And I’ll ensure the venues, events and sponsorships make it an enjoyable few hours in great places!’

Mitch occasionally muses on twitter @mitchbrighton

Trevor Edwards

Trevor Edwards

No stranger to many in the City of Brighton, Trevor has been widely involved in managing key City events including Brighton Pride. Having previously worked on London Pride, that’s the two largest Pride events in the UK covered. Alongside this he has managed events as varied as student clubbing and classical concerts. Aside from the social side of business Trevor has a background in financial services, operations and IT systems development. Regardless of area of concentration, Trevor’s focus has always been providing people with quality on time delivery.

Trevor says ‘Vocal Social is a superb idea and one that brings people together to chat, connect and have fun!’. He goes on to say ‘Not everyone wants to go out every night of the week, sometimes we want something more refined and interesting. Our choice of speakers will ensure Vocal Social is not only an event that people want to attend, but one that they will thoroughly enjoy’.

You can catch up with Trevor on twitter @tke68

David Tewkesbury


David describes himself as an experienced ‘people person’, being a qualified Personal and Performance Coach, which he does alongside his day job as an Account Executive. He says ‘I first mentioned the idea of a networking event not long after moving to Brighton as there seemed to be very few ways to meet ‘nice’ people outside the clubs and bars, not to say they aren’t fun either though’ David laughs. ‘We wanted to create an Exclusive Inclusive event that gives people an opportunity to meet, socialise and connect, and companies an opportunity to share their products, ideas and thoughts with us in a fun, friendly and lively manner. Vocal Social will meet that need and we look forward to it making a real impact to the life of our community in Brighton!’

David’s twitter dispatches @dtewkesb