What to Expect

Vocal_Social_No_tabJPGWhat is Vocal Social?

Hello and welcome to Vocal Social, a great way to meet new and interesting people with a common interest.

“VocSoc” is the new networking group for lesbian and gay professionals, their colleagues and friends. We are planning our events to be popular with professionals in any industry. Work in banking, invest your time in joining us, run a hairdressers, cut along to see us!, work in a school, come educate yourself around similar people (see what we did there!).

We only like nice people, from all walks of life, and our remit is to give you a great opportunity to meet, chat and connect to similar people. We know you want to chat, you don’t want to be dribbled over, and don’t want a sales pitch, so we actively avoid all of those!

Our events have the right mix of people, drinks, music, and venue and, to create conversation and help us understand better what is going on around us, interesting and inspiring speakers sharing their perspective on topics that matter to you.


For each event, we select a venue that is different, one that you may have not seen  before. Whether it is funky, grand, old or modern, it will be the right venue for our events.

Launching at the stunning Dome Room within the Hotel du Vin, Ship Street, Brighton we are setting the standard from the off. Over the coming months you can expect to be welcomed at venues of similar quality across Brighton & Hove.


At each event, as well as a well stocked bar, we will offer you a free drink to help you get in the mood for a good night. Don’t worry, we offer non alcoholic alternatives should you want that too. We are an exclusive, inclusive event.


Our speakers are selected from all walks of life, and will have one thing in common. Timely news, views and perspectives that will interest you. Sometimes they will be here to talk about events, sometimes about new developments, and sometimes just good advice on how to make the best of your business or profession. Each will be committed to making it a fun, friendly and interested evening for you. We promise no re-hashed, tired sales pitches from our speakers.


As well as the buzz of conversation, we will provide the music too. Our world class DJ friends will provide superb sounds, banging beats, and the right rhythm to set the correct ambiance for the evening. All at a level that lets you enjoy yourself, but also hear the people you are talking to


We throw open our doors at 6:30pm, and hand out the first free drink from that time onwards. You then have an hour to mingle, chat, meet and connect before our speaker talks, normally at about 7:30pm. They have about 30 minutes to wow you leaving you a further hour to complete those connections, exchange those business cards, and arrange follow up meetings with whoever you want. And we close at 9:00pm leaving you to choose how you spend the rest of your evening.

How do I get the best out of my evening?

Apart from just coming along, we suggest you clear your diary for the evening and allow yourself some time to relax and meet other people. We will give you a name badge and you can put something interesting on it, your job, your company or anything else you want. Bring some business cards, if you have them, or just your smile and come along and chat to people. We promise everyone will be there to chat to each other and if you and another VOCSOC guest hit it off, even better. Exchange business cards, numbers or arrange a further chat. All that we ask is you come with an open mind, some great conversation and we will do the rest. And it’s not all business, feel free just to come along and chat.

Why we are doing this

As a group of professional people, from varying jobs, we know that we have always been keen to find a way to meet new and interesting people. We have been looking for a place that is off of the scene, where conversation isn’t drowned out by overly loud music or cabaret show tunes (not that we don’t like both!), a place that is calm, friendly and fun. Speaking to a lot of our friends, we know that they want it too, so we decided to create Vocal Social.

We promise to keep it interesting, affordable and most importantly fun. We’ll do all the hard work, you just turn up and enjoy a few hours in great company.